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"Inner Sound & Full Moon" Retreat (AUSTRIA) July 27-30


Singing Bowl Training 

From 27. - 30. July 2023



This year 2023 the "Inner Sound and Full Moon" Retreat will take place in Sankt Lorenzen / Murau in Styria, Austria. We take advantage of the energy of the next full moon to live an inner experience through sound. During the 4 days of the retreat you will learn healing techniques with Tibetan Singing Bowls, for yourself and to be able to help others through the Healing Sound.

The teaching is accompanied in this edition of Murau with some yogic, meditative and breathing practices. The Moon, in waxing energy during the days of the Retreat, accompanies us close to being full and we also synchronise the lunation of the days of the Retreat with the position of the Nakshatras, or Lunar Mansions. The Mansions that the Moon will occupy from July 27-30 assist us in purpose of the gathering.


As the name of the Retreat says, we unite planetary synchronisation with the experience of sound, both external and internal. The different practices synchronise us with the Moon; and Sound helps us to understand the Silence, and thus ourselves.

We focus more on the "Ahata" sounds and how to use them with our Self. Through the Tibetan Singing Bowls you will learn techniques to work on your own Self: aura cleansing, energetic alignment of the different levels of the Self, unblocking of chakras, sound meditation technique, protection work, pattern correction, and more techniques. These same techniques are also learned to be used in private sessions with other people and to help them in their process. At the same time other techniques such as energetic cleaning of rooms, houses, or working with elements such as Fire or Water and how to energise them are also learned...

The transformative work on one's own Self and the training to be able to start helping others are the two main objectives of this Retreat. Another strong point of this Retreat is to learn the technique by which you discover what your natural tone of voice is, which will help you among other things to develop the power of your voice with Tibetan Singing Bowls, or to chant mantras in the right tone and other ways of activating energy through sound. All this through moon synchronisation and the power of the Healing Sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Here is the main topics about Healing Sound you will learn in this Retreat, but in this next Index is missing some other topics:


For Saturday we designed a special Masterclass, for teaching you how to work with groups and the Singing Bowls. This information is especially beneficial for Yoga teachers and pople interested to offer Sound Baths and Singing Bowl Concerts, Guided Meditations, etc. 

Here is the link to see what you will learn during the Masterclass on Saturday: click here to see or download the Master Class Program.

Where it is held:

The setting in which this Retreat is held is the most authentic and natural. A house in the small village near Murau: Sankt Lorenzen (click here for Google Maps). It is possible to stay in the house or to stay in a nearby Guest House.

When the Retreat is held:

When we speak of Astrology and lunar synchronisation we do so from the point of view of Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha, not in terms of Western Astrology. During the days of the Retreat the moon will be in unique positions for the experience of the Retreat: learning, new horizons, exploring ourselves through sound, developing intuition and responsibility, and for going deep into the roots of issues....

All this takes place from Thursday 27 July, when the moon enters the Vishakha Nakshatra which invites purposeful change, until Sunday 30 with the Moon in Moola.


The Full Programme you can download by clicking here. Or read it below:


Thursday, 27 July:

· 13h: Reception of the participants, distribution of rooms.

· Till 17h: Singing Bowl Class

· 17:30h: Session of Yin Yoga + Sound

· 19h: Dinner

Friday, 28 July:

· 8:30h: Breakfast

· 9:30h: Singing Bowls Class

· 13:30h Lunch & Break

· 15h: Singing Bowls Class

· 19: Dinner

· 20:30h: Sound Bath with Full Moon Singing Bowls

Saturday, 29 July:

· 8:30h: Breakfast

· 9:30h: Masterclass learning how to apply Sound of Singing Bowls for groups, Concerts, Yoga Class.

· 13:30h Lunch & Break

· 15h: Continuation of Masterclass.

· 19: Dinner

Sunday, 30th July:

· 8:30h: Breakfast

· 9:30h: Forest Experience.

Outing to the forest to practice the technique on how to find your inner tone.

· 13h: End of Retreat. Farewell.


Please note that this is a tentative program and open to change due to class flow and students/teachers needs. All content is taught in English.


A Dossier with all the contents learnt at the Retreat is handed out. The techniques on Healing Sound with Tibetan Singing Bowls learnt focus on Aura and Chakra treatments of the Self, and how to apply it to other people. You will also learn how to work with spaces, energetic cleansing of houses, minerals, amulets, stones, etc. or how to energise Water and Fire with Healing Sound through the vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls; among other techniques. See the complete programme.

Food & Pricing:

During the retreat we serve three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), starting with dinner on the arrival day and finishing with breakfast on departure day. All meals are organic, regional, freshly prepared and vegan / vegetarian.
If you have any food allergies please let us know.

Total cost of full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is 110Euro
If you are not staying in house and don't need all the meals, get in touch, we have a special meal plan and pricing for you.

Accomodation & Pricing:
We have limited space of in house accomodation, which is shared rooms in an apartment with own kitchen and bathroom. And a separate shared room with a big shared double bed (two separate mattresses) suitable for friends or partners.
Alternative to in house accomodation we can arrange private accomodation in a nearby guest house (2min walk) down the road.

Cost for shared accomodation in house: 60Euros
Cost for private accomodation in guest house: 93Euros
In house sauna is available for all guests during evening.
Retreat pricing:
The cost of the training is 320 €
The total investment, all inclusive (with food and accomodation) in shared accomodation is: 490 €
Total in private room is: 523 €

After Retreat (Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday) there will be the opportunity of receive a personal treatment with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Make your booking in advance.

Information and bookings:

Kathrin: +43 677 625 69517

Óscar: +34 696 035 451 (Whatsapp)

Rooms available in the Center, shared room:


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