4 de noviembre de 2021

Telegram Channel: Vedic Astrology advices & Tibetan Bowls “QdeCuenco ENGLISH”

Hello Namaste! Here Óscar!

This is a Telegram Channel I just created in English language about the most interesting things I can share with you.

I add some of you in Europe, Asia, South and North America that I know (or I think) that speak English.

You can share the link of this Channel with people that could be interested:


If you are in your mobile phone reading this you can click here to join the Channel and get informed.

The goal is make you to know all interesting events that can help you: 

  🕉 Events like the most powerful night rays of Moon in all year: 


  🕉 Tibetan Bowls Concerts that you can listen to relax, meditate, etc...


  🕉 Tibetan Bowls Tutorials (now at the moment in Spanish):


 🕉 Vedic Astrology tips and advices:


 🕉...and more tips I want to share, and I feel could be useful for you and others.

Welcome to “QdeCuenco English” 🌷🙂🙏🪐

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