12 de febrero de 2021

Chinese New Year and Losar (11-02-21): Practical Tips


We are in February, and the Chinese lunar year begins again, and Losar (Tibetan New Year). Perhaps you have read or heard that the start will take place tomorrow, Friday the 12th, although in reality for Europe and Latin America the start will take place yesterday, on the 11th. Why? 
Chinese civilization is governed by two calendars, a solar one that began a few days ago, and a lunar one that occurs with yesterday's New Moon. This new moon, at 20:05 (GMT + 1) on February 11, occurs when China has already entered the 12th. It is for this reason that you will hear or read in other sources than the Chinese New Year it starts on the 12th, although in reality it start at the precise moment when the Moon and the Sun cross in the same degree, that is: on the New Moon of yesterday Thursday the 11th. 
Anyway, I want to share in this writing some tips that may be useful for this year of the Metal Ox. In my personal life I apply Feng Shui in the ways that I can, and success is associated with it. Thus, I want to share this ancient knowledge of such a special culture. I would have a lot to tell, it would take me a lot of time and space, but I am going to explain the most basic tips. 
For days I wanted to have done this writing, but until today I have not been able to sit down with some time to send you these keys. The first thing I recommend is to clean your house, or at least your room or workspace. It is very important when carrying out this cleaning that it is done towards the door of the house, towards the outside, and under no circumstances collect all those remains and put them back in the house: sweep until you leave your house, and once there collect everything. But take it to the garbage container, not your home! 
It is also convenient to order drawers, shelves, cabinets and others. Get rid of what you have not used in a long time, and reorganize your space. Organize it so that the energy flow can run. And here we go into seeing to what extent you can apply Feng Shui: each object has a place according to its orientation, each color also a particular distribution, as well as decoration etc... 
I started this cleanliness and order on one of the auspicious days for it. I am not going to point out those that have already happened, but you can also take advantage of the following to start this cleaning and order: 
- Monday, February 15 
- Saturday, February 20 
- Tuesday, February 23 
- Saturday, February 27 
You don't need to start and finish cleaning that day if you have a large space or a lot of work to do. The important thing is that you start it one of these days. 
It is important the dinner on the 11th, or 12th Friday, or both. As we enter a “Metal” year, we can dress and decorate the environment with white or gray tones. It is a “6” year, that is, in Pakua or Ba-Gua we have the number 6 in the center. Those of you who are “Kua 6” number will have a very special and powerful year (those of you who have received a Therapy session with me, or if I did the basic Feng Shui at your home, I have already told you your Kua number).

"Metal 6" is sober, it does not require great ornaments or complications; but your table tonight should express abundance: various dishes, even with little food but varied, in which the abundance you desire for this year is expressed. This night you can make a list on paper with what you do not want anymore in your life, and proceed to burn it later. Followed by making a list of what you want to keep or enter your life. There are those who keep this list, there are those who hang it by a thread from their balcony or window for a few days... it does not matter if it stains or breaks... 
There is in China a ritual to attract abundance, especially the economic one: It is about filling a metal or glass bowl with white (raw) rice. You must leave it in the kitchen for a whole year, and during this time add bills or coins. It is important that at the end of the year (next February) you do two things: 
 - spending the money that has accumulated during this year on something for you, on something personal, on a luxury, on a whim, a trip, a gift... on something you really want. Don't invest that money in ordinary, normal, routine expenses. 
 - remove the rice from the bowl. Clean it and refill it for next year. We are going to enter a year that has to do as I said with the energy of "Metal 6", which in the trigrams is expressed as "Heaven". 

Last year it was also a Metal element, but it was “Metal 7”, a soft Metal, of doubts, more insecure. This year 2021 is marked by the 6: things are or are not, there are no half measures, everything is put in its place... Thus, it is a good time to reorganize your life, include discipline, organization, decision. 
Heaven is much more drastic than "Metal 7", The Lake, the energy that ruled for the past year. This year it is important the experience we have, which together with the intuition that Heaven gives us, are the ingredients for a successful year. It is also time to plan: thinking of a strategy will help us along the way. This is not the time to act lightly or hastily. Metal is reflection...
The only obstacle to assess would be the excess of rigidity, also typical of a Metal, if it exceeds its functions. This is not the time to impose our truth, it is not a good time to impose our ideas, it is time to be flexible and tolerant. "Metal 6" tells us about taking things easy, planning and reflecting. It also helps the current position of Mercury Retrograde with which this new year begins, but this is already Astrology although it is linked to Feng Shui.


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