29 de mayo de 2019

"SUMMER ENERGY" Retreat in Catalonia (July 21st till 27th, 2019)


July 21st till 27th, 2019

7 days to enjoy weather, Yoga, Beach and more

This is "Summer Energy", a week-long Retreat, in an special location just a few minutes from Sitges and Vilafranca del Penedés: Masía "La Torre" (www.casarurallatorre.com), a Rural House next to a small forest and surrounded by vineyards. An ideal place for contact with nature and with yourself.

It will be held from Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th July, 2019. During these days you can learn and practice Meditation techniques, and Energy Self-Regulation exercises; get your artistic expression through painting and Art-Therapy; or enjoy the Sound of Tibetan Bowls, even to learn how to use them, and techniques of Internal Alchemy (Alquimia Interna), among other activities ...

Organization and development of activities are in charge of:

- Juncal Capdevila: Kinesiologist and Holistic Masseur, specialized in Alquimia Interna: fusion of Chi Nei Tsang, Mindfulness and Tibetan Bowls.
- Emma Cáceres: creative person with studies of Contemporary Dance, pictorial techniques, molding, floral art, and organic sowing.
- Óscar M. García: Sound Therapist specialized in Tibetan Bowls. Kinesiologist. He has made retreats in Spain, Austria and Nepal.

The capacity of assistance is limited to 15 places. The beds are individual; Only two beds are double, which will be given according to reservation order.

During the Retreat Vegetarian food will be offered. If you have any type of intolerance or allergy you must communicate it previously.

Total price, for the 7 days, is: 1.395 €.


Phone numbers or Whatsapp: 
(+34) 696.035.451 / (+34) 640.349.188 / (+34) 601.339.763


Sunday, July 21

18:00 Arrival and reception.
Accommodation: locate each person in the rooms.
Welcome Tea.
19:00 Presentation of the Program:
Group integration meeting.
20:00 Conscious walk around the Masía.
21:00 Dinner on the Terrace (Pool area).
Reading and Comment of Oriental texts.
Sweet dreams.

Monday, July 22

7:30 Yoga.
8:30 Breakfast.
9:40 Conscious walk (Arboterapia).
11:00 Pool time.
13:30 Conscious Food, through aromas and flavors.
16:30 Conscious Craft Workshop (create Dreamcatcher with aromatic plants).
18:00 Free time.
20:00 Dinner.
22:00 Tibetan Bowl Concert.
Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, July 23

7:30 Yoga.
8:30 Breakfast.
9:30 Forest bath with Tibetan Bowls.
11:00 Free time.
13:30 Conscious Meal.
16:30 Workshop: Internal Alchemy (Alquimia Interna).
18:00 Break.
20:00 Dinner.
22:00 Open-air cinema.
Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, July 24

6:00 Departure to the beach.
6:40 Enjoy the Sunrise (Sun Gazing)
7:30 Yoga on the Beach.
8:30 Breakfast at the Beach.
9:30 Baths in the Mediterranean Sea.
11:30 Kayaking.
14:00 Vegetarian Paella.
16:00 Break and Free Time.
20:00 Dinner.
22:00 Concert of Tibetan Bowls, surrounded by water aromas and light.
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, July 25

7:30 Energetic Self-Regulation Exercises.
8:00 Meditation in Motion.
8:30 Breakfast.
9:30 Departure to a Winery. Activity "How to make your own Cava": Elaboration of your own Cava.
13:00 Lunch at the Winery.
17:00 Workshop of Introduction to the use of Tibetan Bowls.
19:30 Break.
20:00 Dinner.
22:30 Happy dreams!

Friday, July 26

7:30 Meditation in Motion.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:30 Movement and Art Workshop.
13:00 Lunch.
14:30 Break.
16:30 Workshop: Internal Alchemy (Alquimia Interna).
18.30 Break.
20:00 Dinner with music.
Concert of Tibetan Bowls.

Saturday, July 27

7:30 Energetic Self-Regulation Exercises.
8:00 Meditation.
8:30 Breakfast.
10:00 Closing Ceremony, Live music.
13:00 Farewell meal.  

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