6 de septiembre de 2022

VIENNA (only till Sept.18th)


Namaste dear friends from Vienna. After some weeks in Austria offering the Sound of my Tibetan Bowls, I arrive finally to Vienna, but only for a few days.

Untill the day Sunday 18th Septembre I will offer personal Treatmens; one Full Moon Tibetan Bowls Concert; and two Worlkshops, about use of Bowls and about your Personal Mantras. I explain in detail all info below:


Like always you can get a personal treatment with Healing Sound. Aura & Chakras are empowered during a session. As you know the basis of my work is the Kinesiology Test in order to diagnose how your Energetic Body is; and with the vibration of Tibetan Bowls we get the perfect tune of your Fisic, Mental and Energetic Systems. One session takes 90 minutes.


Monday, first day of the week, connected to Moon, is the day that I will offer a tibetan bowls concert with the energy of Ful Moon, and only with Full Moon Bowls. This will take place in 17th District, in Dornbach. Limited spaces, make reservation before. Only one Concert!


During Saturday September 17th you can learn to use Bowls for your personal development and/or to help others. Limited spaces, only 5 people, make reservation in advance. I offer the Complete Program with this Workshop. (only 100€)


All of us we have Personal Mantras for each planet. As my Astrology and Yoga Gurus in Nepal teach me before, I teach to people the 5 different forms of activating Mantras that exist; and I give you your Personal Planetary Mantras, and how to use them. By the way I give you your Sillables for Moon and Ascendant Connection. All of this appears in your Natal Chart (remember, I practice Vedic Astrology, not Western Astrology). This Workshop is usefull to understand your Vedic Birth Chart, and you don't need to know anything about Astrology before... 

I offer a Dossier with your Personal information about you, your Personal Mantras, and all we learn during the Workshop for you to be able make your Practice. This Workshop is very special and powerfull... (only 120€). Limited Spaces, only 5 people.


If you need a Singing Bowl of the best quality, I have in Vienna several, of several types: Normal; Original Full Moon; Nirvana Bowls; Stupa Bowls... all of them original, not copies...

All these activities I will offer during these days, only during these 2 weeks. Untill one year I will be not be able to come back again to Europe: I go in September to Asia, Nepal, India and who knows, till next year.

For any question or booking contact me by mail:


or better by Whatsapp or Telegram:

(remember my Spanish number, to add +34 before):

+34 696 035 451


PD: One more thing to tell you is about NepalExperience 2023. I will organize next year 3 Groups, one of them is already full now. Let's CLICK HERE to know more about that special Trip.

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