31 de agosto de 2022

Vienna, Tibetan Bowls Concert (Sept 3)

 Namaste friends from Austria! Here Óscar.

After the Retreat in Sankt Michael, after Tadten, Burgenland; after Karinthia, now I move to Vienna for just 2 weeks.

I want to begin my Vienna day with this event:

🕉 Saturday, 3 September: 

Tibetan Bowls Concert

At 19h. In Dörnbach (17th District)

Limited spaces: Contact for a seat.

From Sunday day 4 September: personal treatments with Tibetan Bowls (Aura & Chakra), Healing Sessions, and personal Meditation classes. Only 2 weeks in Vienna.

Let’s enjoy sound in this new lunar month (Badhrapada) and get new energy for the new times coming...

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