28 de octubre de 2021

ONLINE: Last VedicAstroMeeting on Audio


Yesterday October 27th was celebrated the last VedicAstroMeeting in Viena.

The VedicAstroMeeting was an event that meet people that wants to know how the situation of the planets is going to be for the next 7 days, specially Moon movements and energy. In every VedicAstroMeeting I gave the tips and advices for the next week, day by day, taking account on:

- The Lunar Day

- The Solar Day

- The Nakshatra (or Lunar Mansion ocuppied by Moon)

Yesterday was the last of 4 VedicAstroMeetings during my days in Vienna, in this month of October. I was talking during more than one hour about not only the next week planetary energy but about:

- The next lunar month called "Kartika" that begins the next November 4th

- The new Vedic Season ("Hemanta") that began 4 days ago, till next Winter Solstice in December. 

- The Eclipses: Lunar on November 19th; and Solar on December 4th

- and some other type of advices for this next weeks...

If you want to download and hear, I upload to WeTransfer and it will be available only for the next week.


I hope it will be useful for you.

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