14 de septiembre de 2021

Get ready for Equinox (Singing Bowls Treatments, and Mabon Ceremony)




2 days for Tretaments;

and Equinox Ceremony

in Sankt Michael im Burgenland


During September 20th and 21st, Monday and Tuesday, just before Autum Equinox, there is a choice to armonize your Body, Mind and Spirit with Sound and Vibration. Only during these two days I will offer personal Treatments with his Technic learnt in Nepal during years. An unique time to synchronize your energy with the finish of the Summer and the begining of Autum.

Every session has a duration of 90 minutes, in where occurs Aura and Chakra Healing. Vibration and Sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls take place in order to make the best for this Season change. Get rid off any negative energy or charge, and recharge your battery with Light through Sacred Sound and Vibration.

Dates: September 20th and 21st, Monday and Tuesday.

Place: Meditation Room, in Sankt Michael im Burgenland.

All appointments need previous booking:


Mail: Qdecuenco@gmail.com

Whatsapp or Telegram calling or message to (+34) 696 035 451 



On the day September 22nd, Wednesday, we will give the welcome to Autum and celebrate de Equinox. I will be colaborating with Sound and a brief Astrologic Talking during the Ceremony that Barbara usually performances that is called "MABON", a Celtic thanks giving tradition.

Barbara from many years ago is bringing back the European Shamanism, with Ceremonies like Mabon, in where Meditation, Sound, and connection to Mother Earth happens. Through a Sacred Fire and aligment with the Directions we will be able to experience the energy in our selves.

Date: Wednesday, September 22nd, at 17h

Place: D.O.M. Sankt Michael im Burgenland

Price: 20 €

Contact for booking your space in Mabon Ceremony:

Barbara: 0676 4938455

Óscar: (+34) 696 035 451

Facebook event link: CLICK HERE

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