17 de julio de 2021

SUMMER RETREAT August'21: "Inner Sound and Full Moon" (AUSTRIA)

"Inner Sound and Full Moon"

6 days to enjoy Sound from a never seen perspective.

Sankt Michael im Südburgenland (AUSTRIA)

August, 17 till 22 (2021) 

This Retreat of 5 nights and 6 days is celebrated in a 100% natural environment, with vegetarian food, synchronized with the Full Moon, and its main objective is to find your Inner Sound through a technique that you will learn during this time.

An important ingredient during these days will be to synchronize with the Sky through Astrology. But it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge about Astrology. In this Retreat you will learn to understand your Astral Chart, understand better your Self, and make the most of the inner Sounds that mark the Stars and Planets in your Life. At the same time, we will learn to establish a relationship between your Inner Sound and the Tibetan Singing Bowls, from which you will learn during these days how to use them for your personal benefit, and for therapeutic use with other people.




Arrival and reception of the participants from 14:30h.

Practical explanation about the Retreat and its surroundings: Objectives of the Retreat, visit to the different spaces: Meditation Room, Sleeping-Rooms, Dome, Swimming Pool, etc.

16h: Brief introduction to understand the bases of the Retreat: Inner Sound, inner connection through sound; Vedic Astrology, what is it, how can it be useful in my life, how will I find my Inner Sound in these days?

18h: Learning of the Day: What are your two syllables of power and strength, according to your natal Moon? How to use them for your self, your meditation, your goals and your development?


Free time until the Tibetan Singing Bowls Concert.

20:30h Tibetan Singing Bowls Concert at the Meditation Center. Meditation for the Activation of your syllables of Strength and Power.

Note: Tonight at 23:35h the Moon enters Sagittarius.


7:00 am Breakfast

8:30h Learning of the Day: Which are your specific personal Mantras? How to use them for your self, and development?

10h: Visit to Nature. Surprise activity in Nature.


Free time

16h: Practice of the Day: Inner or verbal pronunciation of your specific personal Mantras, with Sound and Tones.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, which among other aspects rules Communication. Activity related to Inner Communication.


7h: Breakfast

8:30h: Learning of the Day: The planets in your hand: How are the planets represented according to your Natal Chart, in your fingers? How can I balance the damaged planets in my Astral Chart?

10h: Reading of a special passage from the Bhagavad Gita. Afterwards we will discuss what we have read.


Free time

16h: Practice of the Day: How to know which planet may be afflicted when I feel a blockage? How to help me with the Technique learned in the morning?


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, which among other aspects rules Luck, Masters and Teachings in our Life. Activity related to Dharma and Teachings.

FRIDAY  20th

Note: Moons joins Capricorn

7h: Breakfast

8:30h: Learning of the Day: Now that I know my Inner Sound, how to enhance it with Tibetan Singing Bowls?

10h: How to make my Aura more powerful, and how to balance my Chakras, with Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Free time

16h: Practice of the Day: How to help others through the Sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Friday is ruled by Venus, which among other aspects rules the passion for life and joy. Activity related to humor and well-being.


7h: Breakfast

8:30h: Learning of the Day: The Sound and the environment. Keys to harmonize the environment in which I live, work or spend time.

10h: Sound, group intention and the strength of the voice. Synchronization of the energy of a group of people. Energetic activation of a space.


Free time

16h: Practice of the Day: Saturday is ruled by Saturn, which among other aspects rules our past Karma, our attitude of service and the passage of Time. Activity related to these aspects.


Free time until the beginning of the Tibetan Singing Bowls Concert in the open air, under the light of the Full Moon.


Note: Moon enters in Aquarius, from shortly before 7h

7h: Breakfast

8:30h: Exact moment of Moon in Conjunction with Jupiter: Practice of the Day: guided meditation, group, in which we all synchronize with the energy of the Full Moon through the syllable that rules the Moon at that precise moment. Activation of the inner Jupiter.

10h: Questions, doubts, clarifications on what we have learned during the days of the Retreat.

Lunch and farewell.


I need to know the date, time and place of birth of each person. With this information I create the Vedic Astral Chart of each person, and so I can know which properties he/she has: Syllables of Power and Strength, the specific personal Mantras, etc. This information will be personal and non-transferable, it will not be made public during the Retreat. It is for personal use if you decide it.

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of Astrology to join the Retreat. What you need to know is explained on the first day, and the particular characteristics of your Natal Chart are learned, without technicalities, during the Retreat. It is not an Astrology Retreat, but a Retreat to learn the essentials of your birth chart (especially regarding the Inner Sound) and how to use it in your favor for your daily life, your meditation, your work, your goals, your life objectives...

During these days is given a Dossier with everything learned in the Retreat. Also another Dossier, personal, with your syllables of power, specific mantras, favorable days, disposition of the planets, etc. This is specially designed depending on your Natal Chart, and personal.

Price of the Retreat, all included: 639€

If you have special needs, please inform in advance. If you have allergies to elements or food, also. Bring comfortable clothes; and swimsuit or bikini, because there is a swimming pool.



Spanish Mobile, add the "34" before, or better call by any app (Telegram, Whatsapp...)


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