6 de marzo de 2021

India Experience: September-October 2021

We already have definitive dates for the new 2021 adventure in South India. There is good news, since "things" there are better than here in Europe, and there are fewer and fewer infected, and they even lead an almost normal life now... (in Nepal too, as I talk to each other). Thus, it may be a more than safe trip.

The only drawback is when to go. At the end of February (as I write this) the Embassy of India does not know when exactly the borders will open, but they intuit that soon. Thus, we will make the trip in September-October, when we have already given more than a few months to the situation, the borders have safely opened, and the Monsoons are over... it is the best time to go. Also this way I give you more time for preparations, buying a plane ticket, etc... 



I launch only two groups for India: 

 · First group India Experience 2021:

from Saturday, September 4th to 18th.


 · Second group India Experience 2021:

from Saturday, October 2nd to 16th.

(maximum 9 people)

I have already finished the detailed Program. Please contact me privately for personal needs, all the details, directions, available places etc... 

The daily movements and stays will be like follows (the detalied Program you can download in a link below):

SATURDAY · Your arrival to Trivandrum Airport. We pick up you.

SUNDAY · Stay in Varkala Beach

MONDAY · Stay in Varkala Beach

TUESDAY · Stay in Varkala Beach

WEDNESDAY · Depart and arrival to Allepey

THURSDAY · Backwaters of Kerala (day and night on the ship)

FRIDAY · Depart to Kumily

SATURDAY · Stay in Kumily

SUNDAY · Stay in Kumily

MONDAY · Day to visit Madurai

TUESDAY · Stay in Kumily

WEDNESDAY · Depart to Kovalam Beach

THURSDAY · Stay in Kovalam Beach

FRIDAY · Stay in Kovalam Beach

SATURDAY · Last day in Kovalam Beach. We drop you to Airport.

In every places we don't limit to see just the place itself, but the sourroundings. Please check the complete Program for detailed information of everyday movements and activities.

For a detailed information read or download the complete Program:

Program for first Group: September 4th to 18th. 


Program for second Group: October 2nd to 16th.


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