31 de mayo de 2019

AUSTRIA: Silent Retreat. August 14th, 15th & 16th, 2019


Meditation, Silence and Sound of Tibetan Bowls. 
August 14th, 15th & 16th, 2019.

Connect with Yourself in the middle of nature, 

Enjoy a new experience in your self. 
From Wednesday to Sunday, a different way to focus your attention. 
Learn to ride your mind, instead of your mind ridding you, and your wishes.

Communicate with your self in a deeper level. 
Lets dig in your feelings in order to know what you feel. 
Let’s dig in your thoughts in order to know how you think. 
Let’s observe your acts, to know who you are.

Retreat directed by Óscar M. García, from Spain; Ordered in Nepal by three Teachers of Tibetan Bowls, and Meditation.

100% vegetarian and organic food. Seminars taught in English.
Limited places: only 10 people. Couples must sleep in separate beds. 
If you need an individual room please notice in advance.

Information and bookings:

Óscar (+34)696035451

Brigitte 069913082425

Price: 281€, all included!


*** Friday, August 16th ***

- Arrival from 14:30h
- 16h Explanation of the procedure for the next days, and FAQ (frequently asked questions).
- 18h Silence begins.
First reading/teaching about what Silence means.
- 18:30h Dinner.
- 20h Tibetan Bowls Concert.

*** Saturday, August 17th ***

- 8h Workshop: Technics for activate your own Energy System, and Body Stretching.
- 8:45h Breakfast
-10h Workshop: Walking Meditation on Nature; and "Hug a Tree"
- 12:15h Silent and Conscious Lunch
- Free time until 16h
- 16h Feel your Yin-Yang: Meditation activating energetic points of your body.
- 18:15h Silent and Conscious Dinner
- Free time until Concert
- 20h Tibetan Bowls Concert

*** Sunday, August 18th ***

- 8h Own Meditation to find "your first word to say"
- 8:45h Breakfast
- 10h Break your Silence in a lonely place.
- 10:15h Meeting, talking, asking, sharing... "What Silence meant for you?"
- 12:15h Lunch and Farewell

Everyday at Free Time, Óscar will be available in his room in case you need to talk or ask some necessary aspect.

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