12 de enero de 2020

AUSTRIA (Feb. 2020) Kinesiology and Sound Therapy

I will visit Austria next February 2020. 

Like always Kinesiology or Tibetan Bowls Treatments (for relaxing, heal Chakras, cleanse Aura…), Bach Flower, Magnet Therapy... will be offered, but now there are some new techniques for you:

- Stick Laser (Modular Pen Laser) that is very sucessfull in order to treat any Pain.
- Moxa, that means aply worm herbals heat close to acupuncture points (no painful at all)
- Suction Cups, and some other techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Numerology: your numbers talk about you (date of birth, name, surname…)
Where I will be? 

TADTEN (Burgenland)
Days 6 to 15th February

Solo treatments: everyday

Full Moon Concert of Tibetan Singing Bowls: February, 8th

Seminar "How to Use Tibetan Bowls. I": February, 15th

Days 17 to 27th February

Only solo treatments: everyday

Booking and reservations: (+34) 696 035 451

NEPAL EXPERIENCE 2020: Let me remember you that next March 2020 there is a new edition of "NepalExperience", click here to get more info IN GERMAN or IN ENGLISH

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